Beauty Secrets From The Kitchen

Beauty Secrets From The Kitchen/ Homemade Beauty Tips/ Natural Beauty Tips 

Believe it or not your kitchen shelf has the key to a number of beauty secrets. All you have to do is just discover them and I can tell you that these are the easiest and the cheapest tips to look gorgeous and lovely. 

The best part is you don't have to spend money to get that exquisite look because all you got to do is just explore your kitchen and be beautiful using the natural products. Here is the list of beauty secrets you got to know to make the maximum use of the fruits and veggies you are using in your day to day life.

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Well today I am going to tell you something different. An apple a day keeps the acne away. Yaa that's true, just try and check it for yourself. And if you eat apples on an empty stomach the day after drinking; it is an effective remedy for hangover. 

Apply the apple cider vinegar from a spray bottle and leave it on you hair for half an hour and then wash with your regular shampoo. Your dandruff will go away completely.

Drinking a tangy drink, such as tomato with the juice of one lemon added; will help to stop the urge for drinking alcohol. Applying tomatoes slices; tomato juice or tomato paste to your hair will enhance the natural PH of the hair and will also help in getting back its natural colour.

Make a mixture of honey and tomato juice to be applied on your face and neck. Wash it off after 15 minutes and within minutes you would see a glowing face in front of the mirror. Tomato is known to treat the skin disease known as eczema. By drinking tomato juice everyday you can see the difference.

To remove dark circles under your eyes make a paste by using 1 tsp tomato juice, 1/2 tsp lemon juice, a pinch of turmeric powder and a pinch of gram flour. Apply this paste under your eyes and keep it for 10 minutes. You will notice the difference with regular use.

Eating bananas at time of PMS can help a lot in changing your mood and the secret to get rid of dry skin is to apply mashed banana on it. Don't believe me try it.

Ginger tea can incite delayed menstruation and relieve menstrual cramps. It is great for muscular aches. Use 2 tbsp of freshly shredded ginger in boiled water or place a drop of ginger oil or a few slices of fresh rhizome in steaming water and inhale. This is very effective to get rid of cold, flu, sore throat and headache.

Placing a slice of potato over your eyes helps reduce black circles and you can treat your facial blemishes by washing your face daily with cool potato juice. Apply a grated raw potato as a mask by rubbing the potato on your skin. Leave the mask on for 30 minutes and then rinse off with water. Potatoes help to absorb excess oil in your face and also help to avoid wrinkles.

Manuka honey for treating acne Use 1 tsp of honey mixed with water on your face for all skin blemishes. This will turn your skin glowing also. Eat honey on bread or crackers. The fructose in the honey helps to flush out the alcohol in your system and cures you from hangovers.

Apply honey mixed with milk, yogurt, and ground sesame seeds in equal proportions for fair complexion and soft skin. You can loose weight by drinking a cup of boiled hot water with honey and cinnamon twice daily, once at night, and once in the morning hour before breakfast. Drinking this mixture doesn't allow the fat to accumulate in the body.

Keep a small piece of jaggery (gur) in your mouth and slowly suck it. Repeat it every hour till acidity subsides. For increasing haemoglobin have jaggery and water early morning on an empty stomach. While drinking water eat a bit of jaggery or add a bit of jaggery to day to day dishes. This will help in reducing the occurance of headache. For running nose, mix jaggery with some curd (curd should not be sour) and eat.

Putting the cucumber slices over the eyes is the best way to reduce puffiness. Drinking cucumber juice can be helpful to reduce high blood pressure. Grated cucumber applied over the face, eyes and neck for fifteen minutes is very beneficial for acne and blackheads.

Grind 4-5 good sized almond nuts and spread the paste on your face, and don't scrub. It will smoothen the face and add some moisture too. It is a natural way to treat your skin from dryness.

Eat 10-12 almonds; they are equivalent of two aspirins for a migraine headache.To have healthy shiny hair, treat your scalp with a mixture of almond oil and olive oil, leave for 10-15 minutes and wash your hair. This also reduces hair loss. 

Seven almonds should be soaked in water for about two hours and ground into a paste after removing the thin red skin. This paste may be eaten once daily in the morning for three months to cure Anemia. Soak almonds overnight and remove their skin. Make a paste of these almonds with little butter and sugar. This is very useful for a dry cough.

These are some very useful tips to treat acne naturally and to keep your skin clena and clear. . If you follow them religiously there is no reason why you won't live a healthy and happy life. 

Your kitchen can be a resevoir of good health and beauty . You just need to look closely enough and dig out these treasures from your kitchen and kitchen garden to look and feel your best and even save some money in the bargain.

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