51 Simple Ways To Lose Weight

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Most of us suffer from the problem of overweight and are at our wits end to find a solution to it. Well if you are on a look out on how to lose weight in a healthy way you have reached the right spot.

Read on learn about the 51 simple ways to lose weight which are healthy and most importantly very effective.

  1. Eat foods which release fat: foods like honey, eggs, ricotta cheese and dark chocolate do the opposite of what most fatty foods do. They release fat and also keep you feeling full. This avoids binging on high calorie foods. 
  2. Reduce the intake of high calorie food: Treat high calorie foods as the icing on the cake. For example, garnish a bowl of fresh fruits with a small scoop of ice-cream. 
  3. Water Therapy: After having a meal, make it a point that you drink a full glass of water. Avoid sugar based juices and soft drinks as they only increase your calorie intake. 
  4. Use a diary to record your food intake: Studies have shown that people, who maintain a diary on every single morsel they eat, end up eating 15 percent less than the rest of the people. 
  5. Walking: One of the great yet budget ideas to lose weight. As far as possible use walking as a means of travel to most of the places. The more you walk the better it is and helps in reducing weight faster. 
  6. Calculate your calories: In order to avoid the intake of calories, here is an idea. Multiply your daily calorie intake by ten, and then adjust your intake accordingly. This will make you feel that you are getting your share of goodies while losing weight too. 
  7. Eat regulated meals: Studies have revealed that eating small meals frequently instead of three large meals a day helps in regulating weight and also reducing it. 
  8. Exercise: Regular exercise is a key to lose weight and also maintain it. And exercise also helps in regulating the circulation of blood in the body making you healthy and resistant to infections. 
  9. Find a friend to discuss weight loss: It’s a great idea to have like minded friends when you’re on a weight loss program. Discussions keep you away from feeling low and also keep you motivated. 
  10. Use bright colors: Dress up in bright colors and also color your room and belongings in bright color as well. This will liven up the atmosphere and also your moods as well. Bright colors keep the mind off depression as well. 
  11. Wear clothes that fit you better: Remove all the over sized clothes from your closet and try clothes which fit you snugly. This serves two purposes. They make you feel better and slimmer and also make you feel motivated to lose weight faster. 
  12. Reduce the size of your plate: Your food intake does depend on the size of the plate you eat in. The smaller the size, the lesser you eat and vice versa. 
  13. Change the serving style: Instead of food being served on plates at home, you could switch over to a restaurant style of serving. Use bowls and platters instead of plates and that will reduce the portions and the food intake. 
  14. Use a mirror in the dining hall: Looking at your reflection while eating will make you conscious of your goal of weight loss and you will not binge. 
  15. Serve salads: When you eat more of salads and food with fiber, you eat less of other foods. Fiber keeps your digestion regulated and reduces calorie consumption. 
  16. Eat more vegetables: Eat less of food and more of vegetables. These will fill up the stomach and will avoid your feeling hungry as well. As a result, calorie intake is reduced. 
  17. Eat less of sugar based foods: Most of us have a sweet tooth which adds to the overweight problem. Replace sugar based foods with sugar free and natural foods. And if possible avoid sugar totally for sometime till you can get a hold on your weight. 
  18. Eat brown food: Eating white food like white bread, sugar and rice increases the calorie intake as it is polished food. Replace the white food with brown and organic food and there will be a note worthy difference in your weight and health. 
  19. Reduce milk in your coffee: Having more of milk free or black coffee, and if unavoidable use skimmed milk instead of whole milk for your coffee. 
  20. Use of powdered milk: This reduces the calorie intake as it has the same benefits of skimmed milk. 
  21. Add cereals to your breakfast: Cereals are rich in fiber and protein and are low in fat content. Replace your regular breakfast with cereals and weight can be regulated. 
  22. Reduce your servings: If you serve less on your plate, you will invariably eat less. Practice serving less to avoid eating more than what is needed. 
  23. Eat at home: It has been proved that the food cooked at home is far more hygienic and healthy in comparison to food served in restaurants. Like wise the food at home can be regulated in terms of calories. So eat at home to stay slim and healthy. 
  24. Replace sweets with fruits: Sugar intake has to be reduced to a considerable extent to ensure weight loss. Replace your dessert with a fruit bowl for best results. 
  25. Be away from stress: Avoid arguments or sensitive topics while eating or at the dining table. Stress at times makes you lose concentration on your target of weight loss and there is a tendency to binge. Like wise you may lose your appetite and binge on soft drinks and sweets. 
  26. Express love the healthier way: Instead of serving a rich dessert to your loved ones, take them for a drive or to a music concert. This avoids weight gain and is a healthier option as well. 
  27. Eat only when hungry: Keep a balanced time interval between each meal. Do not binge or eat anything in between. This will ensure your eating only when hungry and the digestion works great as well. 
  28. Repeat your target to yourself: Being positive about your decision to lose weight helps. Keep repeating your decisions to yourself in your mind and you will feel more positive and motivated. 
  29. Remind yourself of your good looks: A slim and well maintained look makes you feel good and confident. And an overweight look is a damper to your spirits. Remind yourself that you want to shed weight as you wish to look good. This feeling certainly helps. 
  30. Use spicier garnishing: Instead of using cream and cheese to garnish a dish, use salsa sauce or hot sauces. This will enhance the flavor of the dish and avoid fat intake as well. 
  31. Eat more of fruits: Intake of fruits in their natural form will avoid the intake of sugar based juices. This also helps in improving your skin texture, and digestion apart from weight loss. 
  32. Use the staircase: Instead of waiting for the elevator, it’s a healthier option to use the staircase; this will burn calories and also is a great exercise. 
  33. Equalize the intake of vegetables and grains: Replace grains and pulses with more of vegetables to avoid caloric intake. Vegetables are low in calories and are a great fill up in a meal. 
  34. Take a walk break at office: Sedentary work habits result in weight increase. To avoid that, take more of breaks, short breaks and walk around in the office. Do not eat during these breaks. Use them to walk around and exercise. 
  35. Wash the floor or your car yourself: When you scrub and wash the floor or your car, it’s a great exercise and considerable amount of calories are burnt. The result, a clean looking house, a sparkling car and a healthier you. 
  36. Visit a park instead of watching a movie: For once, let others enjoy that movie and popcorn while you enjoy a walk or a nature side jog. Cycling also helps reduce weight and keeps you feeling fresh and active. 
  37. Reduce on goodies: When out at a restaurant or at a party, take the goodies in the smallest portion possible. This way you’re not deprived of the goodies and you don’t eat much too. 
  38. Skimmed milk: This is the best way to lose weight. Switch to skimmed milk from whole milk and you will reduce on the fat too. 
  39. Walk before a meal: Studies reveal that when you walk before a meal, you not only burn calories, but also reduce on your appetite. And hence you eat less. 
  40. Eat more of nuts: Instead of a sugar based chocolate, munch on a handful of nuts this will help reduce weight. And yes, include almonds in that handful. 
  41. Eat foods designed for weight loss: Eat meals that are pre portioned to one person. This way you will eat less. And if the portions are more than one person share it with friends and family. 
  42. Avoid eating in a big group: Instead of having meals with a group of friends, switch over to family for meals so that you eat less, chew more and bond more over the meal. 
  43. Cut down on Television: When you eat in front of the TV, you lose count of the calories and the food intake. So watch TV less, and never eat when watching TV. 
  44. Eat a heavy breakfast and a light lunch and dinner: There is a saying that one should eat an emperor’s breakfast, a king’s lunch and a pauper’s dinner. So make sure you get all your calories during the day and keep the dinner light. 
  45. Keeping the kitchen out of bounds: In order to avoid any binging after a meal, specially a light dinner, keep the kitchen locked. That’s the best way to avoid temptation and regrets later. 
  46. Sniff the food when hungry: This is a great trick that works. When you feel the need to binge, sniff that food instead. This makes your brain feel that you are actually eating the food. 
  47. Reduce on alcohol: Cut down on your drinks from a bottle to a glass. Alcohol contains high calories and also sugar that can increase the weight by leaps and bounds. So reduce on that chosen drink before it drinks your health. 
  48. Eat less on holidays: When we are out holidaying or are on a weekend, we tend to relax all rules and regulations. The result that dreaded weight gain. So keep your holiday a weight regulated one by eating low calorie food and including cycling or exercise. 
  49. Have low fat yoghurt: This is a great option, most of us will like. Increase your intake of pro biotic and fat free yoghurt. And what’s more this healthy yoghurt is available in most of the fruit flavors. 
  50. Serve individual portions: First serve a little on your plate and when you finish take another helping. Avoid keeping all the food on the table as this spoils the regulation of portions. 
  51. Eat nutritious snacks: Pack dry fruits, sprouts and carrots for that snack after a workout or that snack meal for your office break. Avoid any kind of chips or other fatty food. 
Hope these 51 tips to lose weight will help you to shed those extra pounds you have been carrying around. So what are you waiting for? Start with your weight loss journey from today! 

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