51 Beauty Tips for Young and Beautiful Hands

51 Beauty Tips for Young and Beautiful Hands/ 51 Hands Care Tips for Young and Beautiful Hands/51 Homemade Beauty Tips for Younger Hands/ 51 Beauty Tips For Beautiful Hands / 51 Beauty Remedies for Younger Hands

Our hands work tirelessly all day long. Exposure to chemicals and rough conditions can rob the beauty of our hands. Here are some simple beauty tips to keep your hands young and beautiful looking:

  1. A very simple way to keep your hands younger looking is to dip in warm water with squeezed lemon.
  2. Dab creams with SPF 30 or more before you head outdoors. This will prevent age spots.
  3. Use prescription retinoid creams to kick start the thickening of collagen if you skin seems wrinkled.
  4. For scaly skin on your hands use good moisturizers.
  5. Manicure your hands professionally or just do it at your home.
  6. Do not use nail polishes or nail polish removers that are not of good quality. They can rob the nail colour, shine and smoothness of the nails.
  7. Brittle nails are a problem for many. Vitamin B supplements can treat the problem.
  8. Discoloration of nails to yellow and brown can occur due to fungal infections. Check with a doctor or use over the counter fungal products to get rid of fungal infections.
  9. Concave or depressed nails can be a sign of low iron intake. Boost the iron intake to get rid of improper shaped nails.
  10. Keep your nails short. Constant rubbing of nails with keyboard and smartphones can lead to split nails. It is important to keep nails short.
  11. Exfoliate your hands often. Sloughing off dead cells can make your skin look younger.
  12. Be gentle with your skin while doing exfoliation. Do not be too harsh to your skin.
  13. Sugar and olive oil mixed together can be a good scrub. Rubbing it in circular motion can be a good homemade scrub for your hands.
  14. Brown sugar can also be used for exfoliating. It can bring out younger looking skin on the outside.
  15. Use gloves when you expose your hands to too much chemicals and water.
  16.  Use mittens in harsh winter. Exposing the skin to cold weather can damage the skin.
  17. Massage your hands with oil. It improves the blood circulation.
  18. For a fresh look, mix glycerine and cucumber juice and apply on your hands.
  19. Apply egg whites on your hands as a mask. It will tighten the skin and prevent wrinkles.
  20. Don’t forget to moisturize the skin during the day. Use fast absorbing deep moisturizers if you constantly wash your hands as part of your work.
  21. Trim your nails regularly. Dirt in the nails can make your hands appear dirty.
  22. Rub your hands against each other and pull your fingers. It helps to boost the blood circulation.
  23. For rough hands apply petroleum jelly every night. It will soften your skin in the long run.
  24. Applying glycerine and rose water mixed together can make the skin smooth and soft.
  25. To remove sun tan, mix milk and tomato juice and apply on. Wash away after some time.
  26. Applying turmeric paste also adds to the fairness of the skin.
  27. Rest your full hands on the table while working on computers. Do not injure the wrist by not resting the hands.
  28. Avoid excessive activity outdoors in the hot sun. Sun can damage your hands.
  29. Antiaging skin creams with lightening agents such as kojic acid or Vitamin C will help to brighten the skin.
  30. Apply cuticle oil even if you use nail polish on your nails.
  31. Do not use nail polish every day. Give a break to your nails to breathe.
  32. Mix a tsp of honey with a tbsp of carrot paste and 2-3 drops of glycerin. Apply it for soft hands.
  33. To brighten the skin, apply raw milk and pat dry on hands. It will bleach the skin and remove dead cells.
  34. Take a teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of lemon. Mix together. Apply and leave for 20 min before washing with water.
  35. Take an orange peel and rub it on your hands gently. It will leave your skin soft and white. 
  36. Mint leaf juice can be applied on the hands to get rid of all skin problems on hands.
  37. Mix lemon juice and milk and leave on your hands. It will take away tan and moisturize your hands at the same time.
  38. Apply a mixture of glycerine and rose water to soften the skin on the palm of your hands.
  39. Never use scissors to shape or cut your nails. 
  40. White oats, a tbsp of honey and half tbsp milk can be good scrub for your hands.
  41. Tomato juice and glycerine can be mixed in equal quantity and applied as a natural moisturizer.
  42. Massage your hands with a mixture of orange juice and honey regularly to beautify your hands.
  43. Avoid exposing your hands to extreme temperatures while cooking.
  44. Mix gram flour and curd to make a good cleanser for your hand.
  45. Do not use acidic soap. Choose a soap that is gentle on your skin.
  46. Treat even the smallest injury on your hand. Don’t wait until infection occurs.
  47. Use gloves while gardening. Minor cuts on skin can cause infection while working in soil.
  48. Don’t nibble or gnaw on your nails. It will spoil the beauty of the nails.
  49. Use pigment lightening gel in case of any pigmentation on your hands.
  50. Exercise your hands. Shake it often during breaks from work.
  51. Hand care takes time. Don’t neglect it altogether. A little work can keep your hands younger looking and beautiful.

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