51 Beauty Tips To Prevent and Remove Tan

51 Beauty Tips To Prevent Tanning/51 Tips to Prevent Sun Tan Naturally /How to Prevent Tan in a Healthy Way/51 Tips To Remove Tan /Best Ways To Remove Sun Tan 

Excessive exposure of our skin to ultraviolet rays can cause excess melanin production and can tan the skin. To maintain normal skin complexion and prevent tanning, here are 51 simple ways to prevent sun tan this summer. Read on to find the top tips to avoid and reduce tan right here. 
  1. Use a sunscreen with high SPF when you are outdoors. 
  2. Apply sunscreen liberally to all exposed body parts to sun about 30 min before heading outdoors.
  3. Avoid exposure to sun during the peak hours. Use light and long sleeved clothes during summer.
  4. Use sunglasses and wide brimmed hat when you are outdoors under the sun.
  5. If you have very sensitive skin, stay indoors during the peak hours.
  6. If you are unable to stay indoors, stay safe in shady places.
  7. Use sun hats if you would like to spend a day at the beach.
  8. Use tightly woven sun protection clothes if remaining outdoors for long time.
  9. If you have done an exfoliation or a citrus facial, use a quality sunblock before going out in the sun.
  10. There are several anti-tanning products available over the counter containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.
  11. Applying milk cream mixed with saffron on to skin prevents sun tan.
  12. If you cannot avoid a natural jog, jog in the early morning before the sun rays become intense. This will also help to provide the essential Vitamin D offering protection from sun rays.
  13. Swimming in chlorinated water speeds up the tanning process. So wash with fresh water as soon as you are out of the pool.
  14. Use a face pack containing papaya and honey. Papaya contains enzymes that can do a good job of skin lightening.
  15. Oatmeal and lemon face scrub improves skin tone and prevents tanning.
  16. Wheat flour mixed with cucumber juice can be applied on the skin. Let it dry and wash away with warm water. 
  17. When it comes to skincare, lot depends on the foods intake. Load your diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  18. Avoid fried, oily, sugary and processed foods. Spice up your diet with natural foods so that body gets enough antioxidant supply.
  19. Applying good moisturizers every night helps in cell repair. So slather on moisturizers for reversing skin damage or tan.
  20. Lemon and aloe vera can be mixed and applied on face and other body parts. Do it twice daily to prevent sun tan.
  21. Yogurt and gram flour can be mixed and applied on the skin. It cools the skin after exposure to sun and prevents tanning.
  22. Avoid sun exposure after bleaching the skin. This will lead to sun tan.
  23. Mix raw milk and turmeric to a paste and apply on to your body. Wait to dry and rinse with cold water.
  24. Apply almond oil and massage your skin. It prevents tanning of the skin and is very rich in Vitamin E.
  25. Apply aloe vera gel on to the tanned skin. It will lighten the skin if applied daily.
  26. A cream of milk powder and yogurt can be applied to the skin. Wait for 20 min and wash away.
  27. Combine winter melon juice and fuller’s earth and apply to the skin. Wash away after 20 min with warm water to remove tan.
  28. Exfoliate your skin once a week. It will remove the dull outer layers of the skin including skin tans.
  29. Brown sugar is a natural exfoliator. Using it regularly will prevent sun tans.
  30. Taking warm shower in summer must be avoided. It dries up the skin making it more susceptible for tanning.
  31. Yogurt and ripe strawberry can be mashed together and applied as paste. It will whiten the skin after spending time outdoors.
  32. For good skin, take plenty of good fats such as monounsaturated and omega 3-fats.
  33. For good skin, boost the intake of Vitamin C, which is an anti-inflammatory and immunity booster.
  34. Take cod liver oil supplements regularly. They prevent sun damage to the skin.
  35. Apply liberal amount of coconut oil on skin before sun exposure. It prevents a sun tan.
  36. Using a toner such as rosewater also removes tan from the skin.
  37. Waxing can be done for hands and legs to remove a tan. However, it is not ideal for face.
  38. Extract the juice of a potato. Apply on your skin and allow it to dry. Wash away after 10 min.
  39. Using a sugar scrub will not allow a tanned look on your skin after sun exposure.
  40. Himalayan rock salt can also be used as scrub to prevent tans on skin.
  41. Sandalwood paste can be applied to the skin after a long day in sun. Apply and leave it overnight for a skin without tan.
  42. Tender coconut water can be mixed with turmeric powder and applied to skin. It will prevent sunburn and remove sun tan after exposure to sun.
  43. Mix the pineapple pulp with milk cream and apply on to your skin. It will help to remove sun tan.
  44. Rubbing cold cabbage leaves on to skin also removes sun tan.
  45. Rub a lemon on to your tanned elbows and knees. It works effectively to reduce skin discolorations caused by sun tan. 
  46. Extract raw papaya juice and apply on to your skin to prevent blotchy appearance of skin. It prevents tanning of the skin.
  47. Gram flour can be mixed with water and applied to your skin. Wait for 20 min and wash away with cold water.
  48. Rub freshly cut slices on to your skin to prevent sun tan. It is great for skin under your eyes.
  49. Get plenty of antioxidants through your diet with fresh fruits and vegetable in your diet.
  50. Antioxidant supplements like Astaxanthin can also be taken to avoid sun tans. It also provides healthy glow to skin and helps to prevent sun damage to sensitive skin.
  51. The best way to avoid a tan is to get good sun protection whenever you go outdoors. Prevention is better than cure.
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